“Rocket Talk” YouTube Series Looks Toward Our Future in Space


“Rocket Talk” YouTube Series Looks Toward Our Future in Space

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For those who beam with pride about our community’s ties to the U.S. space program, you’ll thoroughly enjoy “Rocket Talk,” a lively new YouTube series that’s all about rockets and space.  The high-spirited show examines all the fun things going on right now in “the second space race,” the nickname for the competition that has emerged among various private leaders in the space industry, such as Boeing, Space X, and Blue Origin, along with NASA itself.

Episode 1, “Looking Toward the Future,” originates from the Saturn V Center at KSCVC (Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex) and is hosted by veteran broadcaster Bernie Guenther and his special guest, Jon Cowart, a deputy manager with NASA’s Commercial Crew Program and an engaging expert on America’s space efforts.

No sooner do the two take a quick look back at the accomplishments of the first half-century-plus of NASA – from the early Project Mercury missions through the Space Shuttle program – than they’re off and running about all the excitement the future holds for space exploration. 

In this episode, you’ll catch a glimpse at how busy the Space Coast community has been recently, with American astronauts getting ready to return to space, sophisticated probes being built to survey the stars, and major-league planning under way for the first mission to Mars.  “The greatest events in space exploration have not happened yet,” Cowart tells our audience, “(but) they’re coming.”

For more insights and entertainment, “Rocket Talk” field correspondent Jeanna Wood gives us an up-close look at the Mars Base 1 Botany Lab that visitors can experience at KSCVC, Lindsey Schmidt reviews the new generation of ultrapowerful rockets that are carrying the nation’s hopes skyward, and James McMullin gets chummy with some of the colorful characters who descend on Titusville’s popular Space View Park to catch one of the heart-pounding launches nearby.

“Rocket Talk” is another aspect of Brevard County that puts the Space in Space Coast.  You can check back regularly for new videos, or subscribe here to the YouTube channel so you don’t miss an episode.  The new series is produced by Bernie Guenther Productions, in association with the Space Coast Office of Tourism and with resources provided by NASA and Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

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