Tank America Crushing It in Melbourne; Drivers Wanted!


Tank America Melbourne

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The Sales Action Team from the Brevard County Tourist Development Council recently stopped in Melbourne to learn all about Tank America, the Space Coast’s newest adrenaline-packed attraction.  If the name doesn’t give it away, this is the place you go for the answer to the question, “What’s it like to drive a tank?”

Yep, this is no ordinary theme park.  This is 17 tons of childhood fantasy brought to life.  Here at Florida’s only tank-driving experience, guests get to feel the raw power of an authentic, military-class FV433 Abbot tank in their hands.  And then they get to destroy things.

Tank Crushing Car

The facility offers three pulse-pounding levels of tank-driving engagement:  basic, advanced, and ultimate combat.  As you traverse rough, challenging terrain, each level promises that “the massive tank beneath you will obliterate every barrier blocking its path.”  In the advanced package, you get to crush the life out of a car.  In the ultimate scenario, you navigate the obstacle course with the hatch closed, using only the periscope and guidance from a tank commander as you lay waste to everything in your path.  Enjoy!

By all accounts, the attraction so far has been giving participants thrills beyond compare.  Some sample social media comments range from “WAY more fun than I was expecting” and “we had a blast” to “well worth the once-in-a-lifetime experience” and “Disney has nothing on the fun you will have driving tanks around here!”

“Absolutely awesome place,” posted another satisfied customer.  “Drive a tank is officially checked off the bucket list.”

Tank America also offers Tactical Laser Tag, billed as “realism at its most intense.”  Featuring realistic weapons and armor, this battle-intense role-play adventure takes place in a wildly accurate, fully immersive combat zone punctuated by the rumble of exploding bombs all around and the screeching of jets overhead.  It’s a chance to prove your warfare skills on lifelike search-and-destroy missions.  Tank America also hosts a six-week Tactical Laser Tag league, with teams vying for a championship plaque, Tank America gift cards and, best of all, laser tag bragging rights.


Tank America:  9150 Ellis Road, Melbourne, FL 32904.  Phone (321) 241-1122.  www.tankamerica.com.

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