Tourism + Lagoon Grant Program


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Legislative changes adopted on August 14, 2018 make lagoon and estuary projects eligible for Tourist Development Tax revenues. Enhancing water quality, increasing habitat, and providing additional points of access can generate thousands of new jobs and increase the value and output of the Indian River Lagoon based
economy. Each visitor to the IRL region spends about $162 a day. For every 85 visitors to the IRL-region, one job can be expected to be created. The primary purpose of the Tourism + Lagoon Program is the development of projects that demonstrate a benefit to the health ofthe Indian River Lagoon and a positive impact to Brevard County tourism, as follows:

  • Litter Control – Shoreline and Causeways/Entryways
  • Living Shorelines – Restoration and Protection (Sustainable)
  • Habitat Restoration – support Fishing/Wildlife Viewing (Charters)
  • Waterway Destinations & Access – Improved and Sustainable Recreational Waterway Access

The Tourist Development Council Beach Committee will monitor the grant program, with annual approval by
the Tourist Development Council of grant program policies and procedures and project grant awards. The
program will be administered by the Tourist Development Office (TDO) Staff and Consultants, as needed.

Click here for our online grant application.

For more information please reference our  Tourism+Lagoon Grant Guidelines.

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